A downloadable game for Windows

Your fellow (disoriented) goats have been stranded on the moon, hurry to save them!

Hint: If you are eager to win then you will lose, but if you're patient at the beginning then you have a chance to win!


-> WASD Movement

-> Hold left click to fire (if reloaded)

Created By: Brady Irvine, Hao Jiang, Terry Castonguay, Jeremy Carrigan, Christian Ly, Gabriel Vignola, Alexander Borondy, Adam Bouchard.

Install instructions

download the zip, extract the files, run the GoatRescue.exe!


GoatRescue.zip 60 MB


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5 Stars. Need a sequel right now. ALL THE GOATS ARE MINE

Thanks for playing! xD It sounds like you managed to save all the goats!

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You sneaky designers xD I like that! Props to you guys!

Haha thanks for playing! I'm glad you found the Easter Egg mechanic ;)